Amazing full moon #RainbowBeach #horseride with @koruptvision @rainbowbeachhorserides. Horses and staff were exceptional. My horse was called Mac and he was the alpha male of the team. Glen's was called Rocky and he wanted to be alpha male so they would keep walking faster and faster not to be passed by the other. Mine won..  This company also does bareback horse swims where you ride into the ocean and let your horse swim around. I'm definitely going back for one of those rides   The stunning colours of #LakeMckenzie...  We have just left #FraserIsland after an unforgettable week. Lake McKenzie would have to be one of my highlights. @visitfrasercoast is such an incredible part of the world, if you get the chance I would definitely recommend making the trip.  @koruptvision #thisisqueensland #visitsunshinecoast #roadtosunnycoast  Did I mention I love camping? Just being a little head torch nerd and enjoying the open fire last night. It really is the simple things isn't it?  @koruptvision #thisisqueensland #visitsunshinecoast #fraserisland  Good morning! What a way to start the weekend. #Sunrise from the top of #MountCoolum. An invigorating 20 minute hike. Definitely worth the early start! This kicks off our #SunshineCoast trip. Picking up a #4wd this morning and will head over to #Noosa North Shore. Beach camping awaits! Looking forward to sharing with you all the joys this region has to offer. Perfect little post race holiday for anyone who is thinking of coming for @ironmanasiapac #im703sunshinecoast #im703wc next year  Keep following this week for more from this gorgeous region. And don't forget to check @koruptvision's page a bit later for his perspective of this shot #roadtosunnycoast #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland  #ByronBay you stunner @_moffy and I rode our bikes down and spent the rest of the day beaching, eating and drinking coffee, my favourite "session"  Shout out to @tommyuhlich888 aka #aussietom racing @ironmanasiapac #IMMalaysia this weekend. I've been coaching Tommy since the beginning of this year and have nothing but praise for the way he approaches everything he does. Balancing his training with running a business plus his family life... A tumultuous year could not wipe the smile of this guy's face. I'm excited to see him suffer on Saturday! I've been told this race makes #Kona seem cool so I've had Tom on his turbo for hours on end in a heated laundry. Let's hope it all pays off - go Tom! And Tom, please don't curse me too much during the race for sending you to he hottest place on earth to do an #Ironman!
 #FraserIsland isn't all beaches and lakes. It also has some gorgeous dense rainforest. Pictured here at Central Station, and retired forestry station. We were walking toward this stream and I said to Glen "o what a shame there is no water in the stream". It was only when we got within a few meters that we realised it was in fact flowing with water so clear you could barely even see it.  @koruptvision @visitfrasercoast @visitsunshinecoast @queensland #thisisqueensland #seeAustralia #visitsunshinecoast #roadtosunnycoast #water #wanderlust #travel  @koruptvision just leaving his office with briefcase and tools...  #isthisreallife #roadtosunnycoast  Hellooooo! Emerging from a few glorious days of isolated beach camping at Waddy Point in the north of #FraserIsland. Gorgeous headlands and crystal clear warm water. Just @koruptvision, me, some dingos, turtles and stingrays. Absolute bliss ☀️ #thisisqueensland #visitsunshinecoast #roadtosunnycoast #qldparks  @koruptvision  Remember it's not about the destination but all about the journey. And what a wonderful journey it is...  #HappyHumpDay  Exploring my own back yard - #Rainforest walks through #Springbrook National Park. Unfortunately I've not #run a step since #Kona 5 weeks ago and am still a while off running. Some issues that I was carrying into the race are taking their time to resolve. So meanwhile some awesome walks will keep my body moving without the stress of running. Extended but active offseason ☺️  Bali morning rituals. Little surf on my @brettob magic carpet followed by yummy brekky at Old Man's☺️☕️
 DINGO!!!!! I was really excited to see dingos on #FraserIsland. We may have sharks, crocs, snakes and spiders here in #Australia but the #dingo is considered our largest terrestrial predator. This pup didn't seem too intimidating though and it was hard to break the habit of approaching him/her like a domesticated dog. We watched from afar and @koruptvision had the big lens ready... #thisisqueensland #roadtosunnycoast #visitsunshinecoast #seeAustralia  Some fun little beachies on @visitfrasercoast... #Surfing counts as #training right??!   Spent yesterday hanging at #DoubleIsland Point- just an hour drive up the #beach from #Noosa.. Such a magic spot. We then set up beach camp for the night and heading to #FraserIsland today. I had the best nights sleep I've had in a really long time - #camping is complete relaxation for me  #happyplace #visitsunshinecoast #roadtosunnycoast #thisisqueensland #qldparks  @koruptvision  Showing my wee sis Susie @lucy_loves_percy the #ByronBay sights. Susie was meant to join us in Bali last week but the ash cloud ruined that. Some East Coast fun is a pretty good alternative.   Last night in #Bali! Watching the surf on #sunset at Echo Beach whilst enjoying a seafood BBQ. Ahh  Our flights home have the go ahead so unfortunately we won't be stranded here..  Home sweet home for a week then we hit the road again, next up #FraserIsland. Life's a #holiday right? Well, mine is at least   It's a bit hard to smile for the camera underwater!  We've just spent the last 3 days blissing out in this gorgeous little villa in #Bingin. Pool dips obligatory every hour... ☺️  @koruptvision