Saturday arvo #swim session accompanied by my own personal lifeguard @koruptvision ✌  I'm 3 weeks out from #IMCairns and feeling a bit sorry for myself - tired, grumpy and fighting my body. But today I trained for @sofie_goos... Many of you will know a week ago Sofie was the victim of a random attack where she was stabbed in the back (and kidney) whilst running. Poor Sofie remains in intensive care, unable to sit up and fighting to save her kidney. So, for Sofie, and anyone else who can't do what they love, I gave myself a mental slap in the face and did my best to suck it up and appreciate my training. Sending Sofie all my love and healing thoughts xxx  A race report of sorts from Sundays @vietnamim703 - I didn't have the ideal week leading into 70.3 Vietnam, coming down with a throat infection which became a painful ear/sinus infection over the course of the long haul flight to Vietnam. To top it off on arrival my bike was missing. I saw a doctor who confirmed my infections and gave me some antibiotics. I went to bed Friday night 90% sure I wouldn't race. On Saturday morning I woke and my throat felt a bit better and the airline had delivered my bike overnight! Things were turning around- I decided I would start and see how I was feeling. The swim felt fine, swimming in 2nd place on @radkavodickova1's feet with @caroline_xena on my feet. However, the long run to transition as my HR elevated I knew I was in for a long day. I gritted my teeth and hung on to the girls the best I could on the bike, definitely having a few second thoughts. Into t2 we had increased the gap from the swim to over 4 minutes to the next girls. Caroline and Radka took off out of t2 and I knew it wasn't smart for me to go with them and today for me was about getting home in one piece. Although the conditions were a little cooler than last year it was still 33 degrees and extremely high humidity! I settled into a pace and told myself that I would build into the run as I felt better. Well, I never really felt better, just progressively worse! I did what I could and managed to hang on for 3rd. A physical and mental struggle of a day for sure but a few important things gained - a) knowledge that I can tough it out on a bad day, b) valuable points toward qualifying for 70.3 Worlds c) some training benefit toward my build to #IMCairns and finally d) a podium- never to be sneezed at! I've now just landed home and although the head is still a bit blocked up I'm on the mend and keen to crack in for the next month til Cairns. I hate racing when I'm not 100% so I've got a month to fix that!  @koruptvision  When you're feeling like death warmed up but then see hubby @koruptvision out on course ✌️ Really happy to a) finish and b) sneak onto the podium today behind two classy ladies. Congrats @caroline_xena and @radkavodickova1. Some days it ain't pretty but you just give what you've got. Now time to hit the buffet and hotel pool  #im703Vietnam #ironmantri #ironman #triathlon #ride_bmc #giveityourall  Good morning #GoldCoast! Wishing my legs had the springs that Buttons' do!! Quick puppy play before jumping on the big bus ✈️ to Vietnam. Beach swims after a morning shake out #run. Always nice to get the body moving before getting on a long haul.  @koruptvision #thisisqueensland  #mybae  #samandsamwedding on a spectacular #Sydney afternoon #thedecoombes
 #GoldCoast winters be like 'throw your babies (or puppies) in the air" ☀️✌️ Sorry Buttons, I'm clearly enjoying this much more than you.  Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you've met and you're like 'yep, I like this one' and you just do stuff with them. I like doing stuff with @_moffy ☺️ And I don't mind living it a place that is like this when it's 2 weeks away from winter. #GoldCoast you go alright ☀️  Hotel pool recovery swims... ✌️☀️  @speedouk  Good morning from #Vietnam! Nice to be back in this wonderful country. Calm before tomorrow's race day storm ☀️ @vietnamim703 @bmcetixxtri @fcactivetravel  @koruptvision . . #im703vietnam #ironman #ironmantri #triathlon  Time to spin the legs out before jumping on the plane to Vietnam tomorrow. @vietnamim703 on Sunday  #ride #ride_bmc #ironmantri #triathlon  Working away in the dark... #TimeTrialTuesday from my #Tacx #Neo. Days are getting shorter and workouts are getting longer 🤔  @koruptvision #pushyourlimits #triathlon #ironmantri #TimeMachine #ride_bmc #giveityourall
 It's #timetrialtuesday and one of my last before #IMCairns. This pic from last years event was in the last 40k where it begins to feel more like a grind than a TT... Especially into that lovely headwind  Thanks @dellyphotoninja for this shot.  With my @ride_bmc #TimeMachine still on holidays somewhere in Asia it was a perfect opportunity to take the #TMR01 for roll. Never get tired of #Springbrook National Park  @bmcetixxtri @polarglobal #ride_bmc #ride #cycling #triathlon  Let it rain! (or swim exit shower)   @vietnamim703 Thanks lovely @koruptvision for the  @bmcetixxtri @speedouk  Off on holidays..... I mean, to race! Sometimes the lines blur ✌️☺️ @sciconbags @ogioint @speedouk @vietnamim703 @bmcetixxtri #ironman #ironmantri #packsaferidefast #travel #packsafetrihard  #mondaymotivation It's not hard to find #motivation when you get to #ride with good friends  Havin a chat with @sofie_goos earlier this year in Lanza.  @brakethrough_media  2 weeks til my next race @vietnamim703 ! With a bit more training under my belt I'm looking forward to another battle with @caroline_xena. In last years #im703vietnam battle she destroyed me   @koruptvision @bmcetixxtri @fcactivetravel #triathlon #ironman #ironmantri #vietnam703 #travel #giveityourall