Today I hurled myself off a cliff into the sea adorned in my #Ironman leis! Felt quite ceremonial! #Kona you've been good to me. Maui bound tomorrow - a new place for @koruptvision and I - yippee!  @koruptvision #IMKona  Since making the podium two years ago I have questioned myself multiple times as to whether that was just a fluke and if I was really podium worthy here at #ironman World Champs. Since then my single goal has been to come back and prove that I am. Yesterday I realised that goal and it feels AMAZING! Huge thanks to everyone who has believed in and backed me all the way - @uplacebmctri @tommyuhlich888 @brentos63 @matsteinmetz @51speedshop @ride_bmc @etixxsports @fuelbelt and all my wonderful family and friends - we did it! #IMKona  @koruptvision  Proud to be a member of @uplacebmctri - together we take on #imkona  @brakethrough_media  Fuzzy hair don't care - this morning on pool deck with @brakethrough_jf - always a pleasure to work with! #konaportraits  Last long ride done & done ✔️ . Taking in the view at Scenic Point today cos I don't think I will be paying too much attention on race day. From what I've noticed this is the point on course where the wind often begins to swing around... you're flying along with a wicked tail wind and without even changing direction all of a sudden you find yourself slogging into a headwind for the final 30km! #ridebmc #TM01  Grip and rip under the water spouts at Kona Aquatic this morn  @koruptvision
 When it's really really hot and you're really really hurting just smile and pretend it's not  . .  Ingo Kutsche @uplacebmctri  Absolutely thrilled!!! #IMKona  @uplacebmctri  Cheeeeeeese!  Thanks for having me @triathletemag and @thevatolovato #Repost @triathletemag with @repostapp. ・・・ The lovely @liz_blatchford stopped by the Triathlete Mag Kona house to chat with Michael Lovato for our camera (vid coming soon to Find her around the island and ask her to sign your copy of the Nov issue! #imkona  Throw back Saturday (why not?) to 51 weeks ago #IMWorldChamps #Kona - this time in a week around 2000 of us will be out there suffering.... Bring it (sort of)!  @davidpintens  Riding up to Hawi with this little #Kona rookie @brissybella. Happy Days. Friends for now, this time in 10 days - not so much   Ooo la la... Madame Pele showed us who was boss today. Today was the windiest conditions I've experienced on the Island! Doing the aero tuck up to Hawi here.  #ridebmc . .  and super sag @koruptvision
 And separate post for this special one. My husband Glen aka @koruptvision who puts up with my daily ups and downs and consistently tells me that I could win this thing. Your belief in me is inspiring. Would never want to do this without you. Love you to bits ☺️ . . Also thanks to @stefhanson of @witsupcom for this pic and all your fantastic help these past few weeks whilst Glen has been photographing and filming the whole of Hawaii!!  Bike check in with my @uplacebmctri team mates. @ronnie.schildknecht pictured here with me. Hope I'm still smiling this much tomorrow! Good Luck to everyone racing and big thanks to everyone who has helped me get here - you know who you are! Let's do this! #IMKona  A bit of #timetrialtuesday action this morn, except it was Monday but I'm pretending it's Tuesday because Saturday races confuse me. Anyone else get that? #simpleminds  @koruptvision #IMWorldChamps #IMKona  Under da sea with @emmafrodeno and @jaimielle this morn ✌️  Energy Lab feels....  Contrary to popular belief the Energy Lab does not grant you energy  #Kona #Ironman #IMWorldChamps @koruptvision  Paddles.. a triathlete's staple #tiredlegs - this morning at the slightly warm #Kona Aquatic.  @witsupcom